Pia Kamonsit

Certified Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Instructor


"Yoga - Pilates - Barre - Meditation - Restorative"

"Yoga is a path that is shared by many, but each person experiences his or her own growth in his or her own way."

Journey Into Power

I am passionate about yoga and fitness.  I love being active and studying movement.  Building on my foundation as a Cardio Dance Instructor, I study a variety of different forms of yoga and exercise.  When I discovered Power Yoga, Barre Workouts, and Pilates, I found that I could not get enough of these activities!

When I teach, my intention is to inspire students to believe in themselves, to approach life in a positive and healthy way, and to be passionate about setting and achieving fitness goals.


I have chosen a career in the health and fitness industry, not because I want to look a certain way, but because I believe that a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind.  I live life to the fullest and love connecting people who want to live happy and healthy lives.  One of my greatest joys in life is to share yoga and fitness with my students to help them experience their next level in life.  My students motivate and inspire me every day.


I am excited to share my passion with you and I look forward to joining you in your efforts to balance and strengthen your body!


• 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified by Core Power Yoga in Hollywood

• Yoga Sculpt Certified by CorePower Yoga in Hollywood

• Pilates Certified by Set&Flow Yoga in Hollywood

• Barre Instructor Certified by Hot8 Yoga in Beverly Hills


• Alo Yoga Headquarters

• Equinox in Los Angeles

• YogaWorks in Los Angeles

• White Heat Yoga in North Hollywood

• Set&Flow Yoga in Hollywood

• TheMainBarre in Downtown LA

• Hollywood Dance Center in Hollywood

• The YMCA in Santa Monica