Class Description

Power Yoga

A dynamic, energizing form of exercise that sculpts, hones, and tones every muscle in the body.  Power Yoga will kick your butt!  However, no matter what physical shape you are in or what limitations you believe you have, you can definitely do this!  The classes are very active and intentionally challenging so that you can catapult to new levels of mental and physical power.  The practice links breath and movement. You don't need to be super strong or super flexible in order to do power yoga.  You only need to be motivated and inspired!

Yoga Sculpt

An energizing mixed level flow class incorporating free weights to build strength and stamina. Yoga Sculpt is a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.  Variations are offered to make classes accessible to all levels of students.

Pilates and Barre Workout

This one hour workout blends dance, pilates, and yoga-inspired poses with a great playlist for a fun, fast-paced experience. It is a full body workout that targets arms, legs, core and glutes.  Pilates concentrates on core and Barre focuses on legs and butt muscles.  Open to all levels, you can burn between 300 and 500 calories per session.  Take this class 3-5 times per week to see significant results.


Restorative Yoga focuses on restful, supported postures that gently unwind your body, allowing you to deeply rejuvenate and relax.


Meditation is the practice of calming your mind, refining your thoughts, slowing down, and turning inside.  With a little practice, anyone can sit and meditate.